I will use your new logo to design you a 5-page website in 14 days...

You've ordered a logo.

Now you need a 5-page site

Reason I say that is because when I bought my first logo... 

All I did was add it to my Instagram. 

Show it to a couple of my friends. 

And look at it every 5 minutes 🤣

'Dude,' a very successful friend of mine said to me one day, 'your logo is cool, but you need to actually use it.'

'Whaddya mean?' I said. 

'Well, you can't just put it on Instagram and hope for the best.'

I scrunched my face. Confused. 

'You need to add it to your own site,' he said. 

'My own site?'

'Yeah, but not just any site... a 5-page site.'

He then went onto tell me the reason he was able to skyrocket the growth of his business was because of his simple 5-page site

'Having a logo ain't enough,' he said, shaking his head from side to side, 'you need a logo and a 5-page site.' 

I smiled. Leaned in. 

'That way,' he continued, 'you automatically look more professional because you've got a base for your logo and, in turn, your brand.' 

'Makes sense,' I said. 

So, for the next 6 months, I drove myself CRAZY trying to figure out how to create my own 5-page site

Something that would showcase my logo. 

Make me look more professional. 

Help me stand out. 

And y'know what?

I figured it out. 

I actually created my own 5-page site 🙂

And it instantly...

Transformed the look of my brand
Made me look more professional 

Left my friends with their jaws on the floor

Wanna know how I did it? These are the steps I took:

1. Buy a domain name
2. Set up hosting
3. Link up the name servers 
4. Install WordPress
5. Install the right plugins to stop hackers
6. Design your site using a solid theme
7. Set up your 5-page site
8. Edit all pages with your logo & colors

Phew! A lot, I know. 

Now, is it simple? Sure.

Is it easy? No. 

Especially if you're not a "tech expert". 

So, if you're interested, rather than doing it all yourself... you can just get me to do it all for you.

That means I will...

1. Set up your domain for you
2. Set up your hosting for you
3. Link up your name servers for you
4. Install WordPress for you
5. Install the right plugins for you
6. Install your WordPress theme for you
7. Create your 5-page site for you 
8. Edit all pages with your logo & colors 

"Sounds good, Zak, but how much is this going to cost me?"

Good question.

Normally I charge $2,997 for a custom 5-page site like this...

(just because it takes SO LONG to build)

...but because I've already built the template for my own 5-page site (the longest part), I thought it would be a great idea to use that for your site!

That way, I can customise it with...

your logo
your colors,
your domain name, 
your hosting

...within the next 14 days.

And, because I'm saving so much time, it means I can pass those savings onto you and give you a massive 90% discount:

$2,997 $297

But, that's not all...

As a "fast-action" bonus for taking advantage of this offer now, you'll also receive...

Fast-Action Bonus #1

A free domain name for the next 12 months. 

Value: $19.95

Fast Action Bonus #2

Free hosting for the next 12 months. 

Value: $144

Fast Action Bonus #3

A free business email for the next 12 months.

Value: $97

Fast Action Bonus #4

A free SSL certificate for the next 12 months.

Value: $197

Fast Action Bonus #5

Technical support for the next 12 months.

Value: $297

So, would you like me to design your entire 5-page site for you in the next 14 days and give you

 - your own domain name,
 - your own hosting,
 - your own business email, 
 - your own SSL certificate,
 - and ongoing technical support

...for just $2,997 $297 (a 90% discount)?

P.S. If you just scrolled down to the bottom to see what this offer was all about... 

I'm basically saying I'll design your entire 5-page site in the next 14 days for just $2,997 $297 (this is 90% off the normal price), which will include...

 - your own 5-page site with your logo & colors
 - your own domain name
 - your own hosting
 - your own SSL certificate
 - your own business email
 - ongoing technical support

...a freakin' steal, I know 🙂

P.P.S. Oh, and because this is done-for you-work, I'm only taking on 7 more clients until...





...so if you want your own 5-page site designed in the next 14 days, click here now

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